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Towering Pines Canopy Tour

Opening for the season on May 22th, 2015

What a blast

This adventure is a 2+ hour trip through the canopies of old growth white pine on the ridge behind the lodge. Sky guides lead each group from station to station, with a bit of nature and history shared at each stop. The 8 zip lines of the course vary in length up to nearly 800 feet in length. Each stop has an wonderful view out over miles of wilderness--the high cliffs, Lonely Lake, Gunflint Lake, the Canadian lands to the north, and the entire forested basin along the south shore of Gunflint Lake.

Gunflint Canopy tour/zip lineThis trip is suitable for people from ages 10 to 99 and does not require any special strength or skill--just a twinkle in your eye and a sense for a new adventure.

The trip starts with your registration at the administrative area of the outfitters building. After checking in and signing the trip waiver you head to the new admin building to meet your sky guides where they fit your harnesses and helmet. Then you move on to a short orientation zip line to learn how it all works.

Our adjacent Ranger ATVs will be ready for you to load into so we can transport you to the start of the tour back near Lonely Lake (about 1/2 mile journey). Your guides explain all the safety proceedures and then you hook up for your first zip, which is a short and low easy one. A climb to the top of our Lonely Lake tower gives you views over the lake and the entire basin. After a few comments about the woods, lakes, nature, etc. the group leaves for a series of zips through the canopies of huge old white pine trees, with some up to 300 years old. At one stop you can check out a 'cookie' ring cut from one of these huge trees that died a few years ago, so you can see zip line at Gunflint the size of the tree at various events and times in the history of North America.

As you proceed on the course the excitement builds and everyone looks forward to the next zip of the trip, with one of the runs being close to 800' in length. Eventually you work your way back to the lodge and outfitters area, with the last zip depositing you at the porch of the admin building. There is a nice view of the last couple of zips from this porch if anyone in your family is waiting for you with a camera.



As you would expect, there are a few rules and regulations. We can accommodate guests from 75# to 240# and as young as 10 years (if they weigh enough). All participants must sign the trip waiver which is a normal proceedure for participation in an adventure sports activity. We ask that you have closed toe shoes and have your hair tucked back. Lockers are available for all your loose items. Cameras and purses are not allowed for safety reasons. All people will be personally fitted with a professional harness and helmet which will be worn during the trip. No smoking is allowed. Your sky guides are the captains of the trip and guests will follow their directions carefully.

The cost of the tour is $89.00 per person.

Canopy tour at Gunflint

Our Canopy Tour is the first course in Minnesota and is built to the standards of the American Challenge Course Technology Assn. All our sky guides have been trained to these standards by national trainers. We have become a member of the ACCT organization, as they are recognized as the top professional group in the Canopy Tour business, setting the highest standards of the industry.

A second canopy tour opened in 2013 just west of the Twin Cities, near Henderson. Information on that adventure is available at Kerfoot's Canopy Tour.

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