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moose & wildlife report

summer moose at gunflint lodge

The moose are our biggest attractions when it comes to the wildlife. Their population seems to be on the upswing and we have a growing population of these big mammals along the Gunflint Trail. Probably half our guests this past summer saw moose as they drove along the Gunflint Trail. This was in addition to the sightings on recreational outtings--day trips fishing or canoeing.

In the summer moose are seen feeding in the shallow ponds, as their diet is the roots of water plants. In the winter they move to the highlands to browse on the shoots of young aspen, alder and moose maple. They also like to lick the salt on the road during the snow season.

moose on gunflint trailwading moose at gunflint

Each fall we offer field trips as part of our Moose Madness packages. Our guides will take you out and call for the moose during their rut and it sometimes becomes quite an adventure. The following pictures are the best example we have been able to catch on film, as ofter people are kind of spell bound and forget their camera at the critical moments.

moose calling at gunflint
Moose Calling Weekend!

moose calling at gunflint
Learn how to make moose sounds!

Fall and Winter- 2012

There have been several moose hanging out around Swamper Lake in the mid Gunflint Trail area, about half way to town. Then up around Loon Lake, just 4 miles from us by road, there is a cow and yearling calf. They have taken up residence since there is all kinds of winter feed in the blowdown area and in the Ham Lake fire area. Up past us by 10 miles, around Seagull, there are two more moose including one huge bull.

These are the primary moose in the local area around the lodge that have been showing up for camera shots and good viewing.

In addition to the moose, we also have several packs of Timber Wolves that have moved into the area. Each pack has 4 to 7 wolves and we can often hear them howling up on the ridge south of the lodge.

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