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Gunflint Riding Stables

Our Horses

Pongo and Butterscotch- horses at Gunflint Stable

Butterscotch- With her interesting color scheme, she has become a favorite mount for kids to ride. Butterscotch's small size and demeanor make her a good fit for first time riders. She enjoys spending her days with her best friend Pongo.

Pongo- His unique color draws the attention to everyone who meets him. Pongo's walk is very relaxing so try not to fall asleep. In his previous life, Pongo was spoiled a bit which makes him unsuitable for younger riders but perfectly fine for teenagers and up. Following Butterescotch around is his favorite pastime.

Sadie- She is one of our older horses who loves little children. Sadie has been with us for over 10 years and is very sure about what her job entails. As the smallest horse in our family, Sadie is the perfect babysitter for nervous kids.

Children feeding a horse at the Gunflint Stable

Sundance- She is a guide horse who knows all the trails way better than the wranglers. Sundance enjoys her job about as much as she enjoys messing with her rider. Hopefully you'll get to witness her tap dancing along the trails.

Sister- She is a sassy 16 yr old who guides with her favorite wrangler or can enjoy the occasional break with a child on her back. Sister has been going slowly blind in her right eye since 2004 but that doesn't stop her from being very comfortable on the trail.

Remmy- He is slightly new to our group having started in 2009. He came to us very jittery and nervous around people but with lots of treats and love he has become a dependable guide horse. His confidece around the herd put him straight at the top from the beginning where he shares the responsibility with Daisy.

Jasper- He had a slow start to his trail riding career but has quickly led to being one of our favorites both on the trail and off. Jasper's size and steady dependability makes him the perfect horse for taller customers as well as nervous guests.

A Gunflint Stable wrangler

Dakota- He started with us as a younger horse in 2000. Through the years we have watched him grow and mature but never lose his youthful mischievousness. Whether it's running around with our maintenance man's tool belt or playing with an empty milk jug in his stall, Dakota always keeps us entertained.

Daisy- Even though she is one of our oldest horses, in age as well as trail experience, she remains the leader of the herd. Daisy is one of our most dependable horses taking people ranging from ages 7 to 99 and riders of all experience levels.

Sourdough- His previous life as a ranch horse has made him a surefooted character with lots of personality. Sourdough's temperament and build make him perfect for beginner adult riders.

Stanley- He is a new addition to our small family and has qickly become a horse we can not do without. Stanley's size can be a bit intimidating but his personality is that of an old soul. With his age and build we can only put smaller individuals on him. Plus he absolutely loves kids.

Mrs. B- She is our most roly-poly horse and she enjoys going on trail rides just as much as she enjoys her food. Mrs B loves everyone from young kids to grandparents; make sure you give her a good scratch on the neck during your ride.

Houdini- She is appropriately named for her talent in escaping the barn and finding the nearest patch of grass. Houdini is very laid back and enjoys dozing in the sun. Her calming aura helps even the most nervoous of kids relax while riding her.

Thor- He is our largest horse with the biggest personality. Thor's size is more suited for our larger riders and his enthusiasm for life is never ending. If you could read his mind this is what it would say, "Food? Food? Food? Food? Fly!! Food?"

Piper- She is an extra addition from last year who has become invaluable. Piper has found a place both as a guide horse learning the trails and as a guest horse enjoying the senery as much as her rider.

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