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summer at gunflint lodge

Summer Packages | What's New This Summer | Summer Scenery

view of docks from gunflint lodge
Early summer is filled with the sounds of migrating birds, including several species of warblers. The woods and roadsides come alive with a glorious array of wildflowers, including pink moccasin flowers, asters, hawkweed, daisies, columbine, and bunchberry. The fishing at this time of year is spectacular, with lake trout and walleye being most eager to jump on the line.

Mid-summer is time for blueberries, warm days, and blissful canoeing among the calling loons. A different set of wildflowers appears during this time, and the thimbleberries and raspberries ripen during August.

Guest testimonial posted on Trip Advisors

Buffaloriverchick   14 contributions
Ponca, Arkansas
Aug 31, 2010 | Trip type: Business

Gunflint Lodge pleased us on all accounts: quality cabin accommodations loaded with amenities (ours had its own private sauna!); an imaginative menu of well-crafted, regionally-inspired dishes served by a friendly, attentive restaurant staff; a spacious, comfortable conference center; satellite WiFi in the middle of nowhere; plenty of engaging outdoor activities, such as canoeing and guided smallmouth fishing---all highlighted by a stellar Northwoods location. And, the family dog receives as big of a welcome as one of your kids. Gunflint understands not only the recreational traveler, but the business client as well. We highly recommend it to either.

Summer Packages

Click here to find the perfect Summer vacation for you and your family!

What's New This Summer


We've cooked up some special things for you this summer...

Your Seventh Night is FREE!

If you're the kind of person who always wants a vacation to last just one more day, we understand. So, if you stay six nights, your seventh night is on the house - any time between May 1 and the end of October.

Family ride on the gunflint pontoonAt the Waterfront

We added a 20' Voyageur canoe a few years ago so John will be leading paddling excursions with 10 passenger/paddlers.

Dining at Gunflint

Breakfast starts at 7 a.m. and at 11:00+ we move over to our lunch/dinner menu, where we serve continously until 10 p.m.

Part of our menu is different every day , with the exception of our deep fried sweet and sour mango walleye. By popular demand we keep that on the menu every day, to go along with one of our house specialities--Walleye Chowder.

A view of the Red Paddle Bistro

Your vacation planning

There's so much to do here in the Northwoods, it can be difficult to know where to start. We want you to truly enjoy your Gunflint Lodge vacation, and to come away with a new appreciation for the woods and waters, and even some new skills.

We've learned over the years that some times our guests need a little know-how, or a tip to get them on the right trail, or just a nod that says "you can do this!" to give them the confidence they need to get out and take full advantage of the wonderful opportunities for classic fun in the woods and on the water. So, here's your chance. We're here to serve you every day of the week (and even by phone or email before you arrive, if you like to plan in advance). Make our Adventure Center your first stop when you visit... we'll be waiting for you! .

What is it like at Gunflint during the Summer months?

Every season offers a different set of experiences at Gunflint but there are some things that never change. The Kerfoot family has been here for 3 generations. One of the reasons we have stayed is that everyone in the family truly enjoys welcoming guests to the Northwoods. We like to help you explore our forest and find those places that are special. Bruce and Sue still enjoy talking with guests and planning excursions for them. Our staff is always willing to talk with you about fun places to visit in the forest and lakes around us. So here are some ideas of what we see and do during the summer season.

fishing poles on boat at gunflint lodge

pontoon in front of lodgeLate June brings us rushing into summer. Families find this a particularly fun time to be in the woods. The lakes are warm enough for swimming. In addition to building sand castle, there are several small kayaks on the waterfront that are just perfect for children to try. Mom and Dad may want to load the whole family into a boat and take off for one of the other beaches located around the lake. If it is a really BIG group, the pontoon boat works well.


wildflowers in front of romantic cabinsWildflowers are out in full bloom now. Our lupines line the roads with their purple and pink spires. Along the shoreline are found wild blue flag iris. On the floor of the forest the bunch berries are showing their white flowers. It is a great time for those who enjoy wild flowers to talk a hike.


Fishing is great for smallmouth bass at the end of June. These fish really put up a fight. For young children there is nothing more exciting than tangling with their first bass. They can go out with the family or go out with one of our staff on the Fishing Fun half day trip. Either way, our lakes are the best for introducing young children to fishing.

Our Towering Pines Canopy Tour will open on April 26th. for the season. We will be offering several trips a day led by 2 sky guides. These 2+ hour adventures take you through the canopy of 300 year old white pine trees with an awsome view out over the basin and Canada to the north. Our senior most guest of last summer was a 90 year old women, and she had the biggest grin on her face of the entire family.



canoers on gunflint lakeWe don’t want to forget canoeing on warm summer days. Going north by canoe out of Magnetic Lake offers some beautiful waterfalls and rapids. There are several places for fun swimming and picnicking. Ham Lake offers another great spot for a day canoe trip. Day trips are the first start to taking your family on an overnight canoe trip. Everyone gets a chance to experience paddling and portaging.


wild blueberries at gunflintBy the middle of June, the wild strawberries are ready for picking. These tiny, tiny berries make the best jam. Strawberries are quickly followed by blueberries and raspberries. The naturalists include opportunities to pick these beauties. Of course, the Kerfoot family has their “secret” spots they are willing to share with you. Many of them are easy to get to. Get some pails from the kitchen and take off. Children are especially good eaters when picking wild berries. Usually there are enough to bring back to put on cereal or ice cream the next day. Sue always says that when she sits down to her first big bowl of wild raspberries (after seeing 1 cup sold in the grocery store for $3.00), she knows that she is a rich person.


family playing on beach in front of lodgeJuly and August are filled with warm, lazy summer days. Our guests are happy to have no schedule in their lives. It’s time for Mom to sit by the beach and watch the kids play. Everyone will have fun getting to know other guests at the beach. Dad may go fishing alone or with a guide. The joy of just being on the lake is as great as catching fish. On these warm days the water seems to beckon us all. Mallards are around in case you feel the urge to put out some corn. The staff has a night crawler or two to try for some of those fish lurking under the dock. After dinner, the dock is a perfect place to watch the glowing sun sink into the west. Lee and Eva may wander down to the dock with Tucker to share the last of the day with you.

ducks on the docks at gunflint

As you can see, no matter what season you visit Gunflint, there is lots to do. Many things are unique to one season while others are available throughout the year. One thing we can promise you is comfortable cabins, great meals, and friendly service. As they have for generations, the Kerfoot family is here to welcome you to your home in the woods.


The Wildlife at Gunflint will be a big part of your visit to our wilderness. Many of our guests are able to see moose as they come down to feed in the shallow bays. Mink poke along the shore, otters are seen now and then, and pine marten inhabit the forest. We provide you with bird seed for the bird feeder which is in front of your cabin's living room window. Mallards come in to feed every day on the waterfront; there is corn to feed them plus bread from the dining room. Loons are heard calling as they cruise around the lake. In the forest we have a variety of native animals including deer, moose red foxes, and timber wolves. Check out the list of frequently seen birds:


Great Horned Owl Common Loon Bobolink
Barred Owl Peregrine Falcon Bufflehead
Boreal Owl Common Raven Herring Gull
Northern Saw-Whet Owl Chickadee Ring-Billed Gull
Northern Hawk Owl Red_Breasted Nuthatch Killdeer
Downy Woodpecker White-Throated Sparrow Turkey Vulture
Hairy Woodpecker Evening Grosbeak Cooper's Hawk
Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker Pine Grosbeak Broad-Winged Hawk
Three-Toed Woodpecker Veery American Kestrel
Black-Backed Woodpecker Red_Eyed Junco Ruby-Throated Hummingbird
Pileated Woodpecker Mallard Gray Jay
Northern Flicker Common Merganser Northern Goshawk
Ruffed Grouse Snow Bunting Eastern Phoebe
Bald Eagle Purple Finch  


gunflint wildlife gunflint wildlife fox
gunflint wildlife turtle gunflint wildlife bird

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