Partial Outfit

Food and Canoe

You can select from two types of canoes — Royalex or Kevlar. The Royalex are quieter than aluminum canoes and about the same weight, while Kevlar are the lightest but they require more care from you.

Includes: canoes and all meals from our extensive menu, cook kit, eating utensils, clean up items, special food packs, PFD vests, hot showers, free car parking, and a complete route briefing. Complimentary bunk house accommodations are available the night before and after your trip if desired, and the dining rooms at the main lodge offer full meal and beverage service.

Transportation to and from your entry point is additional.

Royalex Canoe + BWCAW Permit, User Fees & Sales Tax

$59Per Person, Per Day

Kevlar Canoe + BWCAW Permit, User Fees & Sales Tax

$79Per Person, Per Day

For those who have most of their own gear and would just like to rent a canoe or some odds and ends.

Our equipment is rented by the calendar day (no partial days).



Children ages 4-10 receive 50% off  |  Children under 4 years are free – no food provided

Food and Menu Selection

This is one area that we do things a bit differently from others- First, we are the only outfitter that can offer you food items from the Camp Chow line. This is a local company that makes their meals without preservatives, and makes them fresh for us by the week.  On top of all that, the Camp Chow line has bigger portions with tastier ingredients.

Secondly, we customize every menu to match your preferences. We will send you a menu to pick from for starters, and then you can indicate your preferences (extra coffee, no tea, big appetites, gluten free, vegetarian, extra flavored drinks, more gorp snacks, extra fish fixuns, etc.).

Menus are due 1 month before the start of your trip and the final number of people is due 2 weeks before the start of your trip.  The menu should be returned by the designated deadline at the top of the menu.  If a menu is returned after the noted date, an expediting fee of $25 per person will be charged.